Message From Executive Director


It is with great joy and excitement, that I welcome you to the Community Health Center, located in the heart of West Palm Beach, FL.  As one of the leading free health centers in Palm Beach County, we respond to this region’s need for spiritual healing with love and compassion, as we deliver access to quality health and vision care.

Our mission remains un-wavered:  To share the love of God by providing non-emergency medical and vision care to those who do not have access to healthcare services. We assist our patients in establishing a continuum of care through the conventional healthcare system to promote a healthy body, mind and spirit.

Our approach to healthcare is rooted in our original founding principles, that all men and women, families and children, young and the young at heart, have access to the community resources they need, to feel healthy from the inside out. There are many partners who help us continue this vision, from our generous funding partners, to our incredible volunteers and individuals like you and me.  There is a part for everyone to play, and my hope is for those who walk through our door to experience the life changing healing we strive to provide, each and every day

Our work and my work would be impossible, without the support of a dynamite team: our devoted staff and loyal medical and non-medical personnel and volunteers. Our clients visit with us like they would with their regular primary physician, with on-site access to comprehensive women’s health exams, chronic disease management, rapid HIV testing, and many other services.   The practical, user and client friendly nature of our business model inspires individuals to take control of their health care needs, which in turn, and as studies support- have invaluable positive benefits to our community. 

Having been a member of our team for over 15 years, I am deeply humbled and honored to play my part, in helping to bring resolve to the current health care crisis we as a community are facing both locally and nationally. What we are able to do, here at the Community Health Center, is nothing short of extraordinary.  People are healed, and they find a beacon of hope to help them strive for healthier and happier lives. 

I invite you to visit our clinic for a tour, and see for yourself the life-changing work we do to support our community.

Thank you for your prayers and your generous support.

George Papadimitriou
Executive Director

Community Health Center of West Palm Beach
Where Hope Meets Healing!