What We Do


Founded in 2000, Community Health Center of West Palm has become of the leading providers of free health care to residents of Palm Beach County who can’t afford the high cost of health care.

We serve a high-needs community in West Palm Beach as designated by the Health Resources and Service Administration. Our patients live in poverty. They have little to no access to primary care medicine. They are field workers. They are single parents or grandparents doing what they can to make life better for their dependents. They are children and teenagers from the inner city areas of West Palm Beach.

We serve all patients regardless of their ability to pay for services. We fully embrace patients who were turned away by other medical facilities or have been considered “undesirable” by our society. In fact, a great number of our patients are homeless and just about all of our patients are uninsured. We have a delivery of service model addressing our patients’ complicated health and social issues that arose over years from a lack of access to health care.

We don’t just heal patients – we change the way they think. We build relationships with our patients that prove we truly care about them.

Our goal is to help, heal and care for our patients.